Ask me anything Friday – the most asked questions and your answers!

Recently, I have made it a habit to do Q and A's, where I answer questions that I get frequently. I truly believe that the people that choose to reach out with their questions do so, because they have been searching for an answer and haven't been able to find it. There's never such a thing as a "dumb question" and everyone deserves an answer. So, here we go. Ask me anything Friday! 1.Did you have a specific moment or epiphany, where you knew you had to pursue recovery? I wouldn't say I had one moment that I remember. I hit rock bottom after my wedding in September 2016, where I felt completely lost and didn't know why I keep putting myself through the same binge-starve-over-exercise-cycle. It was one of many times, where I doubted myself and wondered how much longer I could keep up with this lifestyle. However, that time felt different. … [Read more...]


Hypothalamic Amenorrhea – The one trick that brought my period back

I love science. It is the one thing I believe in and research is a passion of mine. Some would even call it a compulsion. I like to question everything people tell me and look for scientific facts online to back up their theory. However, I know that scientific research can be quite dry and boring to some people. In this article, I want to bring you a non-scientific, super-easy-to-understand, no BS approach to why you lost your period and how you can get it back. What is hypothalamic amenorrhea? Hypothalamic amenorrhea is the medical definition of losing your period. The hypothalamus, which is the center of your brain, controls your reproductive hormones. It decides whether or not it is a safe environment to get pregnant and put a baby into this world. Our brain, while really smart, is quite primal in many aspects of our … [Read more...]


The shocking reality of Instagram trolls and what you can do about them

troll1 trōl/ noun plural noun: trolls a mythical, cave-dwelling being depicted in folklore as either a giant or a dwarf, typically having a very ugly appearance. The term "trolls" when referring to internet bullies, haters or people that feel entitled to leave nasty comments under peoples' content is, in my humble opinion, an excellent word choice. Internet trolls, while not living in caves, are living behind their phone screens. These screens act as a protection, a shield that keeps them safe. Due to the freedom and accessibility of the online world, everyone is able to see their hateful remarks and it is quite hard to erase them. Once uploaded, they will likely always be there. Sometimes, other people see them and join in. Other times people see them and do nothing about it. On a more rare occasion, … [Read more...]


Protein Mini-Waffles – the most fool-proof recipe!

Do you know the one thing that is better than waffles? It is MINI-WAFFLES!! If you know me, you probably know that I am obsessed with things that come in miniature versions. I absolutely adore mini salt and pepper shakers, mini hot sauce bottles and miniature dogs. Needless to say, when my sister-in-law got me a mini waffle maker for Christmas, I couldn't contain my excitement! Have your waffles and eat them too! Do you know one thing that is even better than mini-waffles? Eating mini-waffles on a random Wednesday and being absolutely cool with it. A year ago, this would have never happened. I was way too focused on losing weight, eating clean and cutting out gluten... Food freedom is a beautiful thing, my friend. I hope you will give it a try. But first, give these awesome waffles a try. I topped mine with date nectar and had … [Read more...]